Uncanny Brands products are sold by major retailers throughout the world.

How do I become a reseller?

If your store is located in the U.S., the basic requirements are:

  • A verifiable brick and mortar or online retail location.
  • Uncanny Brands approval of our New Account and Business Credit Application.
  • You must meet the minimum order as determined by the quantity in an inner case; this amount can vary from item to item (typically 4 – 24 items per item). If you would like to purchase fewer than those quantities, you have the option of working with an Uncanny Brands distributor. Please let us know if you would like our distributor contact information.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in applying for an account, please email with the following items:

  1. A short description of your business. Do you have a brick and mortar location? Online sales? What is your web address and where are your stores located?
  2. A completed New Account and Business Credit Application.
  3. Business License.
  4. Reseller’s License / Certificate of Resale / Wholesale License (requirements vary by state). Let us know which state your business is located in and we can send you the appropriate form to fill out.

If you are looking to carry our product outside the United States, we can connect you to our regional international distribution partners. Please email us at with details on your business and where you would like to sell.

If you are an online seller, Uncanny Brands has very strict third-party marketplace policies along with MAP policies. We do not allow third parties to sell our in-line products on any third-party marketplaces. If you feel that you can support exclusive products for online, our minimum orders are $10,000 and you can contact us with a request.

Why would I use a distributor?

Please request a distributor list if your business:

  • Is located outside the U.S.
  • Needs shipping locations closer than Uncanny Brands’ shipping base in Southern California.
  • Would like to purchase items in smaller quantities than an inner case.
  • Needs inventory that Uncanny Brands doesn’t have in stock.

Placing an Order

To place an order, please use the information in the Uncanny Brands Catalog and Inventory List and fill out the Sales Order Form. Email orders to

The order minimum is equal to the inner case quantity.

What are the minimum requirements for items and orders?

The minimum amount that can be ordered is an inner case; the amount in a case varies from item to item (typically 4 – 24 items per item). If you would like to purchase fewer than those quantities, we suggest you work with an Uncanny Brands distributor.

How do I see pending orders?

Email for an open order report.

How does Uncanny Brands pricing work?

Pricing varies by product and quantity. Once you are an approved reseller, your Sales Account Coordinator will provide pricing.



To see images of our product, please look at the Uncanny Brands website catalog.

Uncanny Brands Pricing, Catalog and Inventory List

Our Uncanny Brands Catalog and Inventory list is updated daily. Email for an updated catalog as often as you need.



All shipping rates are Free on Board (FOB) Rialto, California. Shipping charges are added to your invoice. Domestic orders ship via UPS/FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested.

If you have your own UPS or FedEx account, we can add that to your customer profile; just let us know. We only ship to the United States and Canada. If you are located outside of the US or Canada, or need shipments sent outside of these countries, please contact us for the appropriate distributor.

What is the shipping minimum?

Shipping minimum is one inner case.

When will I get tracking information?

For Ground orders, tracking information is provided on the invoice. For Freight orders, once you have received your invoice, please contact for tracking information.

When do I receive an invoice?

The invoice is emailed 24-48 hours after your order ships.

How do I know what shipped?

Your invoice details all the items that shipped.

Credit Card Charges

When your product becomes available, we pre-authorize your credit card for the estimated total price plus freight charges to ensure the funds are available. Once this pre-authorization is complete, the warehouse will process your order.

Your card will be charged before your shipment leaves the warehouse, approximately 3 to 5 days after the pre-authorization. You will receive an invoice for your order 24 to 48 hours after shipping.

Update my credit card information

To update your credit card information, please contact your Account Representative.

Returns and Damages

Customer Claims

All claim forms and replacement box requests must be submitted to your Sales Manager within 60 days of invoicing. Please reach out to your Sales Manager for a claim form. If we require additional information after the claim is made, you must respond within 7 days or your claim may be denied.

Returns Due to Uncanny Brands Error

When Uncanny Brands makes an error with order processing, we take full responsibility. This includes compensation for over-invoicing or recovery of the product at no charge to you.

Returns Due to Customer Error

If we determine that an error was made based on information provided by the customer, the following rules apply:

  • The customer will be charged a restocking fee of up to 25%.
  • The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.
  • The customer is responsible for returning their shipment. Returns must be shipped back to Uncanny Brands within 30 days of receipt of a return authorization.