Phenom Gallery Custom 18" x 24" Serigraph Print

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Phenom Gallery 18" x 24" Custom Serigraph Art Print- Bespoke Screen-printed Artwork

Looking for a great keepsake to commemorate an event, consider collaborating with us on a limited edition unique serigraph.

This version of our retail Phenom Gallery print would be a totally unique design from our roster of artists. Uncanny Brands will collaborate with you and the artist on a unique design, which would be printed on our Natural Cougar print paper, and then signed and individually numbered for the artist.

Phenom Gallery 18" x 24" Custom Serigraph Art Print Product Specs:

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Print type: Screen-printed

Paper Type: Natural Cougar-Style Print Paper

Lead Time: 60 days from finalized concept to delivery

Artist is provided by Uncanny Brands along with digital assets

Minimums: 300 pieces
Maximum: 20,000 pieces