Uncanny Brands Hello Kitty and Friends Pompompurin Mug Warmer with Mug

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Uncanny Brands Hello Kitty and Friends Pompompurin Mug Warmer with Mug – Keeps Your Favorite Beverage Warm - Auto Shut On/Off 

Introducing the Hello Kitty and Friends Pompompurin Mug Warmer set–a charming way to keep your favorite drinks warm! The mug warmer features beloved Pompompurin character art and includes a matching, full-color ceramic mug. Perfect for savoring hot beverages at your own pace while adding a touch of cuteness to your break time. Stay cozy and happy all day with Hello Kitty and Friends right by your side!

Hello Kitty and Friends Pompompurin Mug Warmer with Mug Product Specs:

INTELLIGENT AUTO ON & OFF Thanks to microgravity technology, the cup warmer will automatically turn on when the mug is centered on the heating plate and will automatically turn off when mug is removed. (Note: The mug must contain liquid to activate the gravity sensor.)

CONVENIENT GADGET FOR YOUR DRINKS Designed for the office or home, this mug warmer will keep your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature. Drinks can be maintained as high as 131℉/55℃, depending on room temperature. This item is not meant for boiling liquids!

SAFE & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION The low-energy thermostatic control system uses 16W for low power consumption, has excellent heat focusing, and features tempered glass to evenly warm beverages while remaining safe and stable. Comes with 4 non-skid feet at the bottom to help support your mug and prevent spills. 

FUN AND FUNCTIONAL GIFT Keep your beverages (coffee, tea, soup, etc.) warm throughout the day.

AUTHENTIC -  Officially licensed by Sanrio®